29 Oct 2013

Pepys and his discovery of the moustachioed sultans of Hay

Thanks be to God that at the

29 Oct 2013

Thanks be to God that at the end of another leg of our tour we are all in great good health and as yet a merry band, one and all. Mighty pleased are we with out little show, for it do solicit very good applause from all who do see it and the audiences all do love it well. Saturday last we to playing at the town of Abergavenny, our second night within the town’s antike walls, and upon this night the audience so lusty and so loud and long in their laughter that we the players did find it mighty infectious and we all set about to giving a very good playing of the show. And all declare that this one ‘be out best yet’. Female stage beauty 181

But, ‘faith, all of last week passed in good spirits, though the work be hard, we spending one night only in the playing of our play in sundry locations as, viz., Blackwood, Porthcawl and Ystradgynlais, yet all three places well met with local peoples and the crowds being very good. At Ysrad I very keen to spend the night in Jeffrey’s Arms, but the others of the company less keen and so we return home, all dry. And at Ystrad too, we mighty pleased that Professor Humphries, with much learning and no less Greek, did see our show for the second time. He coming from Swansea to do so. And we all flattered and happy thereof. And some of us, Mr Self, Mr Nichols, and I, to meeting with our families in these places; we hailing from the locales. I to dinner with my parents in Porthcawl; I upon steak pie once more; my mother and father supped upon corned beef. Then I to walking the coastline and revisiting the haunts of my youth. And memories did flood back: here the place I first drank a cider; here a spot where I did have my first kiss etc etc. Happy days.

Female stage beauty 180And on Friday we by coach to Hay-on-Wye, to spend some hours’ leisure in shopping and supping etc, we having free time before the show. After a hearty lunch – I upon a gammon, Mr Tobin upon cod, and Mrs Seymour upon a dish of vegetables – I set upon looking in the book shoppes and at the antik prints and therein I get much pleasure, although I saddened that many of the good shoppes I did know ten year past have gone now and be replaced by sundry gifte shoppes selling, viz., tartan mice stuffed with lavender, small owls (having no purpose), and reptilian draught excluders. And Lord how it do grieve me to see this sorry sight. But I to purchasing two fine books of India Art, with moustachioed sultans and women given to showing much flesh etc etc, so that I up late and burning sundry candles in the perusing of the pictures until my eyes (and extremities) hurt. And so I do take stock of the goods and chattels under my name, they being, viz. nine actors, sundry stage hands, one coach, many fine gowns, much linen, a good cheese, a fine port, two books of India Art, a portmanteau and a spaniel. I end here with the wishing of hearty felicitations to my good friend Mr Tobin of Liverpool, who do celebrate the anniversary of his birth this day. I do raise my glass to him and wish him health, wealth and lusty women! God bless you, gentle Mr Tobin, for there never was fellow who did make me laugh as much as you so do! And so, with a Greate Storm raging around us, I to bed.

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