19 Aug 2015

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Our Background Frustrated at the lack of opportunities

19 Aug 2015

Our Background

Frustrated at the lack of opportunities for Welsh artists to perform classical literary works, a handful of actors, designers and a composer grabbed the artistic bull by its horns and formed Mappa Mundi Theatre Company.

With unrelenting ambition (it’s what you need if you have no money!) they steamed ahead with their own inimitable approach: Titus Andronicus Kabuki style; Taming of the Shrew, men only and King Lear or rather Queen Lear and her male offspring.

Gathering apace, their reputation for irreverent adaptations of classical theatrical and literary works, led to firm support from the Arts Council of Wales which in turn began a much valued and ongoing co-producing partnership with Theatr Mwldan.

By now of course, Mappa Mundi not only perform in a variety of venues and regions across Wales but they also enjoy repeated success with numerous well-respected theatres across the UK and Ireland.

If you have been supporters of Mappa Mundi and helped us make it this far, we’d like to thank you muchly…if not, why not? Fools!

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